Crisis and Critical Event Management

Intensive Crisis Management Training designed to Build Capacity within Organisations


    Course Title: Crisis & Critical Event Management

    Also known as: Crisis Management Training, Critical Incident Management, Disaster Response, Disaster Management, Emergency Response Management Training

    Duration: 5 Days In-House

    Course Format: Classroom & Scenario Based  

    Course Overview:

    Evosec International, in conjunction with the International Security Awarding Body (ISAB), has developed an in-depth training program for organisations and businesses in the management of crisis, critical events and incidents. The Crisis and Critical Incident Management course is a certified ISAB award and is designed to complement skills and knowledge competencies from other ISAB Awards such as:

    • Security Management for NGO and Humanitarian Organisations
    • Kidnap and Extortion Management
    • Planning, Implementing and Managing Security in Conflict and Post Conflict Environments

    Evosecs Crisis and Critical Event Management course is structured to develop the core skills and knowledge required to design and manage crisis management systems that will operate effectively in the field. The training programme uses a variety of learning methods including lectures, discussion groups and scenarios to build learners’ capacity in managing crises, critical incidents and events.

    The programme uses a variety of scenarios to practice participants in the management of crisis management systems. The scenarios are designed to show the range of incident types that a well-structured crisis management system can help manage and resolve. Examples of the types of incidents that are covered include:

    • Political and Social Unrest
    • Terrorist Attacks
    • Serious Crime and Incidents
    • Country Evacuations
    • Movement in Hostile/Violent Situations
    • Hibernation, Lockdown and Site Evacuations
    • Natural Disasters

    Development of an effective Crisis Management / Critical Incident Management system is essential for organisations operating in insecure environments.  Those responsible for the safety and security of the organisation, and for the planning and managing of security systems often do not have experience of implementing crisis management plans during actual critical incidents and events.

    Who should be the members of a Crisis Management Team (CMT) or Critical Incident Management Team (CIMT)? Who should make decisions about on-going incidents?  Who and how to communicate with staff, their families, local security forces and the media during crisis events?   When and how do implement lockdown procedures or evacuation procedures? When and how to decide to go into operational hibernation? How to remotely manage operations and critical incidents?

    Evosec’s team of consultants and trainers have developed effective crisis management systems in countries such as Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Mozambique, Sudan and Somalia. These systems have been tested and utilised in extreme situations and have consistently been found to be effective.

    The training programme covers the structure and key components of a crisis management system including:

    • Crisis Management Structures and Systems
    • Critical Incident/Event Management
    • Assessment, Analysis and Mitigation
    • Decision-making
    • Crisis Management Team
    • Crisis Communications
    • Information Management
    • Intelligence Cycle
    • Business/Operation Continuity
    • Scenarios, Training and Preparation
    This is an intensive course, covering all aspects of crisis management, with considerable effort being made to ensure scenarios are realistic. Participants are encouraged to work together to enhance and maximise the learning environment and utilise individual experience and expertise.


    This course can be modified to fit a number of industries and regions. Optional extra days can include:

    • Country specific
    • Organisation specific

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