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Evosec Limited specialises in providing innovative risk management solutions to businesses, organisations and individuals operating in difficult security environments. Our team of experienced experts offer a high quality, best practice service, based on advanced technology and innovation, across a range of competences including (but not limited to): Development and delivery of security strategies, policies and planning. Crisis management in conflict and post-conflict situations Specialisation in global (GPS) tracking and monitoring through our Web Platform, CCTV systems and integrated technical system management, including monitoring, detection, assessment and response systems Training in crisis management, including pre-planning, analysis, decision-making and implementation processes. Consultancy services on security management systems, including electronic and the full range of technical and manned systems. Consultancy on design and project management. Consultancy services on IT security, including audit, design and architecture, and project management Our team of consultants have a broad expertise, developed from varied backgrounds in the public and private sectors, specialising in the management of security threats and risks. Our consultants’ backgrounds include science, technology, special forces, intelligence, and international security management. Evosec Limited delivers bespoke solutions, addressing the specific security requirements of our clients, whether individuals, small business, institutions, national or international entities. We assure absolute discretion and confidentiality to our clients before, during and after our consultancy. Evosec International is the international division of Evosec Ltd, a wholly owned Irish company. evosecINTERNATIONAL

Expert Security Advise and Consultation Services Evosec's team have worked in senior management roles in a wide range of industries and sectors including: NGO & Humanitarian Education Training Oil & Gas Telecommunications Airlines & Transport Hotel & Hospitality Financial Sector Military & Police Fraud and Investigation Management IT & Technical Services The backgrounds of our team allows Evosec to deliver bespoke security consultation services to our clients at the highest level possible. Mitigating Risks Evosec's team of experts can advise businesses and organisations on a wide range of security issues including: Risk and Threat Assessments Business Continuity Post Conflict Regions (Travel, Business Startups etc) Network Security Personal Security Electronic Security Systems Crime Prevention Security Awareness Crisis and Incident Management Security Service Tenders Site Security Design Asset Security Our team works with our clients to deliver the best risk management service possible. With our wide range of additional services and systems we are in the unique position to offer a complete security solution solution for individuals, businesses and organisations that will reduce risks and increase operational capacity. Our security consultants can offer insight into the latest technologies including CCTV, electronic and gps tracking systems, intruder alarms, communication equipment and security equipment. Evosec has a strong network of suppliers to offer our clients quality security products, equipment and services. Evosec are also uniquely placed to offer consultation on crisis management solutions in conflict and post-conflict areas. Our management team have developed and implemented robust crisis management systems that have been proven to work. These systems have been designed and used by government bodies, NGOs, businesses and multi-national entities. evosecINTERNATIONAL

Evosecs team of security experts has been developing training courses for the security industry for over 40 years. This experience spans police, military, licensed private security, NGO and Humanitarian security and corporate security. Over the last 4 years we have been developing bespoke online training courses for organisations worldwide in a range of topics. Evosec are now making these courses available through our unique online learning system.

As well as our online portfolio of courses, Evosec have developed a range of classroom and practical training courses including operational, organisational ad security personnel programmes. These courses have been delivered throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas for a variety of organisations, companies and individuals.

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